Long ago a turtle lived in a lake. Two swans were her friends. They laughed and talked for hours everyday.

Many years passed. One summer the rivers and lakes started drying up. There were no rains. All the animals were upset. Many started flying away to far off places in search of water. The turtle and the swans were very worried, the swans said, “we will have to leave this lake before it completely dries up”.
The swans went to the turtle they said, ‘dear, turtle you have been a great friend to us. We have lived together for many years, butt the time has come for us to go”.

The turtle cried, “how can you leave me and go? The lake will dry up and I’ll die, please take me also”.
The swans were helpless. They did not want to leave the turtle behind but the turtle could not fly.
The turtle thought for sometime and came up with a plan.

foolishturtleThe turtle told the swans to find a lake full of water. Then he asked them to get a long strong stick or rope. The swans were surprised. They asked the turtle what it would do with the stick the turtle explained “dear swans each of you hold one end of the stick with your beaks. I shall catch the stick with my mouth and hang from the middle. We will all fly to the lake with plenty of water”. The swans were very happy. They thought that it was a wonderful idea.

The swans said, “friend, we will do what you suggest but while we are flying you have to be careful, you mustn’t open your mouth to speak or you will fall off the stick and die.

The swans caught the two ends of the stick with their beaks. The turtle hung from the middle. They flew high over the mountains and fields. When they had flown some distance the turtle saw a town below.
The people of the town looked up and saw something being carried in the sky. A crowd gathered. The children laughed and clapped their hands. People were full of admiration. The turtle heard all the noise and opened its mouth to ask, “what’s all that noise about?”. It opened its mouth to speak, and fell down. The poor foolish turtle was dead.

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