About Us


Mybeehive is the result of not one but many like-minded individuals: Teachers, Professors, Graphic Designers, Content writers, Webmasters; this is the Mybeehive family.

About MyHive

Mybeehive consists of several departments that house personnel skilled in their line of expertise. For example: our content development team is headed by teachers who have had a vast teaching experience at schools and colleges. To put it in simple words, these are teachers who understand that children have very low levels of patience yet they also understand how astounding their learning ability is.

Each department is given the responsibility of shaping up certain modules of the learning process which is later co-ordinated accordingly in researching and developing content for children.

Mybeehive also has a dedicated research development and groundwork team which conducts in-depth analysis of education material and feedback.

The What

MyBeehive.in is an enrichment program designed to help children (aged between 5-10 years) successfully sync with what is being taught at school by way of a platform that both interacts and engages them with rich content.

The Who

MyBeehive.in has proficient teachers, web masters, content writers and graphic designers as its backbone. Each member has his/her own distinct role in MyBeehive.in and together we work towards helping your child with his/her education. Our web space is steadily expanding into homes, schools both local and abroad.

Current Beehive Scenario

We are currently working on developing two main subjects

1) English This includes phonetics, grammar, spellings, use of language, word-meanings, understanding stories.

2) Mathematics Basics, Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, mental math. Understanding concepts of basic calculations so as to have great application.


Unique reward program to keep the child motivated and the confidence high An array of stories, games, activities that are not addictive but informative.

In the meantime we are almost rounding up the Science program.

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