brings to you a fun-filled learning and wonderful experience through worksheets for students of class K-5. Keeping in mind the ever growing needs of children to learn, understand and progress, we bring to you worksheets. They are not only educative but also entertaining. Our worksheets have been designed by experienced educationalists. They are in tune with the current syllabus followed in Indian schools.


The main objective of developing such worksheets is to develop a good understanding of the basic concepts which are covered in every subject across various academic levels.
Children will find these worksheets more pleasing and interesting to work, making learning of every concept a very easy task.

* Simple yet focused, basic but concept driven
* Hundreds of worksheets,practice sheets, test papers, activity sheets to increase focus
* Creative worksheets to ignite the genius in each child
* EVS, Hindi, English, Math’s and General Science
* Low on cost, high on value

How does it work?
* This is an annual program, which is divided into 12 months.
* Once you sign up, your child will receive around 400 – 500 creative worksheets in Math, English, EVS and science; designed by the team of experts & world class designers to bring a smile on your child's face.
* The worksheets are simple & creatively presented using animal cartoons, to stimulate the logical, visual and spatial thinking in your child.
* The curriculum is world class using the guidelines of the NCERT and is CCE compliant.
* Concepts are taught in multiple creative ways, so as to reinforce without making it boring for the child
* The worksheets also help the child acquire skills of self-discovery and applied thinking. Not to mention handwriting improvement and fine motor skills
* Just take 10 minutes each day

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Happy Learning!
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